I have been practicing psychotherapy for over 30 years. My practice is made up of individuals and couples in all stages of life and with a variety of problems. These include:


It is my experience that people often bring childhood experiences into their current lives, impacting how they manage transitions, stressors and life choices. I sometimes find that certain stages of life are more difficult because of an overlap between the impact of these old experiences and our current stresses and circumstances. Psychotherapy can often be a valuable tool to help us navigate these times by finding new ways to utilize our strengths as well as utilize difficult times as opportunities for new growth.


In my first sessions with clients, we work together to establish a good understanding of the current difficulties as well as the factors that might be impacting them.



I then work to establish realistic treatment goals with the client as well as a plan that will best address each clients needs and goals.


In helping clients move toward change, I utilize a number of therapeutic modalities. Some of these models involve identifying concrete steps toward change and working on ways to support and motivate clients to follow-through with this change. Other models are more experiential, observational and interpretive and focus more on becoming more connected and working with unconscious aspects of self. However, the choice of modality is based on what might be of most benefit to each client as well as the clients stated interests and goals. These include:


I would be happy to go over the specifics of each of these therapies if you would like more information.