Every stage of life's journey presents many challenges. We engage with these challenges from the perspective of our past experiences, our unique personalities and our current circumstances. Sometimes these factors can collide in such a way as to be overwhelming. Psychotherapy can be a helpful tool at these times to navigate through these difficult waters. It is my belief that these times are opportunities for growth and it is my role to provide an environment for my clients to safely explore these issues.

I am a licensed clinical social worker and marriage and family therapist with a practice in the Ravenna neighborhood. My practice serves individual adults as well as couples who are at all stages of life.

As a psychotherapist with over 30 years of clinical experience, I bring a wealth of professional and personal experience to my work. Common issues that I work with are depression, anxiety, self-esteem, lifestage transitions, loss, trauma, work related stress and relationship issues. In addition, I work with couples to improve their communication and intimacy as they face the challenges of all stages of a marriage - new couples issues, parenting, balancing work and family, empty nest are examples.

My initial focus in our work is to establish a trusting and safe relationship. I see this as the core of any successful therapeutic work. My style is compassionate, interactive and challenging. It is my experience that a client needs to feel supported and understood in order to respond to the challenge of taking difficult steps. My ongoing work has a blend of approaches that involves identifying concrete steps toward change as well as modalities that help us address old experiences and patterns that hinder us in our current lives.